BE OPEN launches #BEOPENUrbanPattern, a call-to-action aiming to explore the creative approach towards the usual urban landscape around you.

The challenge presents the opportunity for those who can find inspiration and see the unexpected in the most customary, little things around us.

Win the prize by posting a visual piece (photo or a video) on Instagram with the hashtag for this project #BEOPENUrbanPattern.

From August 25th to October 10th 2017.

The winner will receive EUR 300 in prize money. The winner will be selected by the BE OPEN Community jury from a shortlist comprised of submissions with the highest ratings of likes by Instagram users.

So you can start participating now!
Grab your camera, your phone, your tablet and shoot!

*This is not a competition: BE OPEN reserves the right to determine the timing and method for awarding the prize.