Let us announce our next global online open-call under the theme of BEOPENinRGB! We invite you to go back to the basics of colour photography and videography, and find inspiration for your future creative works.

The RGB colour model was developed based on the theories of trichromatic color vision that first appeared  mid-19th century. Already in 1861 the first ever permanent colour photograph was taken by J.C. Maxwell  using three filters, specifically red, green, and violet-blue.

On Instagram, share your visuals (images, videos, animation, etc) centered round the simple palette of red, green and blue, and get a chance to win 300 EURO! The entries are open till November 30, 2018.

Don’t forget to add the #BEOPENinRGB hashtag to your post for everyone to see it!

The jury of BE OPEN Community members will select the winner from the shortlist of posts with the highest number of likes.

BE OPEN is a global initiative to foster creativity and innovation through a system of conferences, competitions, exhibitions, master classes and cultural events.

*This is not a competition: BE OPEN reserves the right to determine the timing and method for awarding the prize.

**By participating in the open calls held by BE OPEN, all participants and winners agree that their Instagram user names and profile pictures may be used for BE OPEN’s publicity